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SwervePay was engineered by a team of developers and industry experts, leveraging input from thousands of offices in various industries to ease the collection of payment data. The management team provides decades of combined experience specializing in business process reengineering. The goal is to streamline workflow and increase business efficiencies through the use of cutting edge technology and payment industry best practices. Some of our most utilized system features include the following:

  • VPOS – Virtual Point of Sale
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Tokenization
  • e-Invoicing
  • Payment Plans
  • RESTful API
  • Mobile Payments Platform
  • Custom Software Integrations


"SwervePay Auto has helped simplify and speed up our checkout process and offered a more convenient payment method for our customers. The text feature has also helped us communicate with our customers quicker."

Shults Auto Group

The SwervePay Team

Jaeme Adams, SwervePay Co-Founder and CEO, is an experienced entrepreneur who has owned and operated companies in the technology and payments space, with particular expertise in financial software development ventures.

He most recently served as founding CEO of Key IC, a leader in high-performance digital payment processing solutions. In that position Mr. Adams developed a white-labeled gateway solution to facilitate companies’ needs for core technology solutions. Key IC currently supports thousands of merchants through its own channels of ISO’s leveraging this technology.

He previously co-founded and served as CEO for Nelix, Inc., a web development company specializing in internet services, including ecommerce, merchant accounts, online payment processing and custom development projects. While with Nelix, Mr. Adams developed enterprise level solutions for major corporations like Harley Davidson, Sunbeam, Rubbermaid and others. He also developed Nelix Merchant Services and supported a network of more than 100 payment processing ISOs around the United States.

Mr. Adams launched his entrepreneurial career with Smart Computing Inc., a successful computer training business ultimately acquired by the world’s largest independent IT training company.

Chris Hamilton, SwervePay Executive Vice President of Technology and Chief Technology Officer, has experience across a variety of strategic areas of information systems and technology, including hardware and software design, development, architecture, and administration.

An accomplished leader in areas of technology spanning from low level hardware design to development of large scale enterprise systems, his experience and breadth of knowledge have successfully carried through numerous industries, including telecommunications, payment processing and healthcare analytics.

Mr. Hamilton’s expertise bridges business needs with the development, integration and deployment of technological solutions for the purposes of automation and simplification. These endeavors effectively enable businesses to leverage modern technologies to move forward in ways never before possible. With an inherent appreciation of the vital importance of business and customer data, he also recognizes and embraces the ongoing need to vigilantly pursue and defend all aspects of data integrity and security.

Mr. Hamilton’s leadership in these areas has driven continued success in the development and ongoing management of multiple enterprise level systems, particularly those requiring the utilization and protection of sensitive information, such as secure payment data and HIPAA privacy regulations.

Chad DeKing is the Managing Partner of SwervePay Sales & Services LLC. He has more than 30 years of experience in business transformation using the convergence of technology, operational data and customer data. Mr. DeKing also has considerable expertise in Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

Prior to SwervePay Mr. DeKing spent a 30-year business and technology career with McDonald’s Corporation. At McDonald’s he served in numerous leadership capacities. As Vice President of Information Services he successfully aligned the top 200 executives and 2,400 Owner Operators in the USA to invest in new technology solutions that enabled product expansion, lower service times, improved customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs. Mr. DeKing is experienced working with companies of all sizes and has completed large-scale technology innovation programs implemented across thousands of business locations.

Mr. DeKing also served on the Payment Card Industry Board of Advisors to guide standards for credit/debit card processing. He influenced management from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and the PCI Council as they developed new standards for merchants, banks, processors and suppliers of payment software and hardware.

Bill Martin, SwervePay investor and advisor, is the Founder of ShopperTrak, the leading global provider of shopper analytics to improve retail profitability. Mr. Martin held the position of Chief Executive Officer of ShopperTrak from 1995 until to 2003. He led the merger and acquisition of RCT Systems in 2001 forming ShopperTrak RCT, Inc, and aided in the recent acquisitions of Retel in 2012 and Rapid Blue in 2013. The company currently provides over 70,000 points of service throughout the globe.

A recognized expert on business intelligence, Mr. Martin is a regularly featured commentator in leading national business and trade publications as well as on network broadcast business programs such as all major networks, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg and CNBC.